Speaking and Leading

You can contact Joyce to speak at conferences, workshops, continuing education events, and Life Writing workshops.  As a licensed Clinical Psychologist, Joyce’s speaking and facilitation may be accepted for continuing education credits.  Topics include:

  • Writing and Healing
  • The Use of Life Writing in Clinical Contexts
  • Dreams and Healing
  • Death Ends a Life, But Not a Relationship
    • Explore active imagination
    • Journal writing
    • Letters
  • Archiving to Grieve a Loss
  • Rituals that Promote Resilience

Joyce leads retreats and small groups in her clinical practice, and as special events.  You can contact Joyce to lead a retreat or small group.   Possibilities include:

  • Personal renewal retreats for an existing group of friends or colleagues
  • Topical retreats on areas of Joyce’s expertise
  • Guest appearance for ongoing writing groups
  • Writing for healing retreats