Hello Friends,

I am excited to welcome you to a conversation on topics related to my book, The Trail to Tincup: Love Stories at Life’s End.

In our culture we don’t talk enough about the emotional impacts of dying and death on family members and friends of the deceased.  We also tend to avoid conversation about critical decisions as a person approaches the end of life.  The forum of this blog might be one way to share experiences related to the loss of those we love.

As a Clinical Psychologist, I must admit that even with my education on grief, I was blindsided by my response to four family deaths, from 2002-2005, followed quickly by the passing of my husband’s parents.  As I wrote my way through my grief, I learned more about my family members, myself, and how grief changes over time.   Ultimately, grief braids itself into the whole of our lives.  I learned, as well, how my own losses deepened compassion for the experiences of others.

In this blog I will explore these topics:

  • What it is like when death comes suddenly and without warning
  • Crucial conversations at end of life, and why they matter
  • How to deal with artifacts—the footprint of a person’s life
  • When a person wants to die at home
  • Crazy and necessary obsessions after a death
  • How ritual spaces provide a place to bring grief, to reflect, and to provide comfort
  • Caring for another person’s written remains, and one’s own
  • Self-care during times of caregiving and grieving
  • How close encounters with death help us live well
  • Resilience and renewal

Check in when you wish, and leave your comments.  I look forward to our explorations.